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Trout Water Family Camping Ltd.

1600 Hwy 7 East, Box 118, Sunderland, Ontario, CANADA, L0C 1H0
Phone :- 1-866-454-8889 : Fax :- (705) 357 2822 Local :-(705) 357 1754
Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

E-mail to: camping at trout water family camping ltd.


Firewood must be purchased from the park office. As per Ministry of Natural Resources regulations no firewood can be brought in from outside the park.

Rules & Regulation

  1. Registration and payment must be completed before setting up camp. No exceptions.
  2. Speed limit in the park is 15KM/HR
  3. The designated person is responsible for the group and visitors
  4. No refund or rain check for early departure, bad weather or disobeying park rules
  5. Quiet hours begin at 11:00 PM. All music must be off and no boisterous talking or laughing
  6. As per Ministry of Natural Resources regulations, no firewood can be brought in from outside the park
  7. Firewood must be purchased at the park office
  8. Cutting or scavenging trees is not permitted
  9. Fire rings must not be moved
  10. No visitors allowed from 9:00PM to 9:00AM
  11. Day visitors must leave the park by 10:00PM
  12. Alcohol may only be consumed on your camp site
  13. Garbage and Recycling must be separated and brought to the dumpster by the office
  14. No Food/drinks/smokes allowed in the pool area
  15. Children at the pool under 12 years old must be supervised by a parent or guardian
  16. No fireworks permitted within the park
  17. Group camping requires a 50% deposit with reservation
  18. Check in: 2PM & Check out: Noon